Get started!

Before you start :
1. OPOS is not a fancy word for pressure cooking. It is a brand new cooking technique. Understand how OPOS is different from Traditional Pressure cooking. OPOS Vs Traditional Pressure cooking

2. Do not change recipes or try scaling up/ down till you understand the basic techniques.

3. Some recipes are downright dangerous – like ghee & sugar syrup. Do not attempt them till you master the basic techniques. Cook safe !

4. Use the right equipment: Normal pressure cookers are not designed to be used without water or over high heat. So we partnered with India’s top pressure cooker manufacturers to develop a line of OPOS cookware, especially designed for high heat, no water cooking that PressureBaking demands The MagicPot.

Get yours here & start with Lesson 1!

Know more about PressureBaker – The MagicPot

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