Lesson 2: PressureBaking Vegetables: Beans

Learning the ‘High Heat, low time, No water’ OPOS mantra

PressureBaking is an OPOS technique of pressure cooking food in its own juices at the highest possible heat for the lowest possible time. This produces dramatic results. It heightens flavors, color, texture and promises greater nutrition. It is just too good to be true.

PressureBaking has fast become a core OPOS hack – like layering, no water cooking and controlled caramelisation.

In a 2L PressureBaker, add 1/4C water, 1tsp oil, 2C chopped beans (250g), 1/2tsp salt, 1 chopped green chilli (1tsp). Close, fix weight and switch on the stove. Cook on high for 2 Whistles or 4 minutes, whichever is earlier. Switch off the stove. Release pressure by gently lifting the weight. Open. Mix all. Marvel at the colour.
The 1/4C water you add is for beginners, as an insurance against burning. Most fresh vegetables/ meats can be PressureBaked in their own juices, with very little or no water.

Excess water? Repeat by reducing water.
Undercooked? Mix all & rest. Will cook in retained heat. Or cook for a whistle more.
Repeat lesson with your favourite vegetables.

Watery vegetables leak water. Cut them bigger.
Tough vegetables like Potato need to be cut smaller.
Edible greens shrink dramatically.
Okra needs to be wiped dry, cut big and PressureBaked only with oil to avoid sliminess

Lesson2 : PressureBaking beans

PressureBaking© is a copyrighted term

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