Lesson 6: PressureBaking Gravies: Egg Kuruma

PressureBake with a curry paste layer

Prep: Blend 10 cashew nuts, 3 chopped green chillies, 1/2tsp each (salt, garam masala), 1tsp oil, 1/4C water to a thick paste. Add to a small cup.

In a 2L PressureBaker, layer as below:
Layer 1: 1/4C water, 1Tbsp ghee
Layer 2: 1C each (potato, beans, carrots) chopped small
Layer 3: Place the cup with curry paste over the vegetables. Fit in two well washed eggs over the vegetables (optional).
Close, fix weight and switch on the stove. Cook on high for 3 Whistles / 5 minutes, whichever is earlier. Switch off the stove. Release pressure by gently lifting the weight. Open. Remove eggs. Mix spice paste with vegetables. Mix in 1/4C milk or coconut milk to dilute. Let eggs cool. Peel and halve. Add to gravy.

OPOS Kurma

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