Lesson 10: PressureBaking starches – No water Mushroom Biriyani

No water cooking

Mix 4C chopped mushroom, 1/2C caramelised onion, 1/4C yogurt, 2 slit green chilli, 1Tbsp each (garam masala, mint), 1tsp salt.
Soak 1C basmati rice in water for 30 mins. Drain.
In a 2L PressureBaker, layer as below:
Layer 1: 2Tbsp ghee
Layer 2: 1C chopped tomatoes
Layer 3: 2C mushroom
Layer 4: Soaked rice
Layer 5: 2C mushroom
Close, fix weight and switch on the stove. Cook on high for 4 Whistles or 10 minutes, whichever is earlier. Switch off the stove. Let pressure settle. Open, mix all. Fluff up and serve.

1C rice needs around 400g mushroom to cook well.
Ensure top layer of rice is completely covered to avoid drying out.

OPOS Mushroom Biriyani

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